Personal Training Packages

At TulsaFit918 we understand that everyone has different needs, this is why we seek to offer Personal Training Packages that fit you. We believe consistency creates results & that's why the more of a commitment you make to your personal fitness, the more of a discount we give. Align your Commitment with your Goals today!
Starting at $33+
Choose from Our Individual Plan Packages. No Monthly Commitment. All Sessions are 60-90 Minutes.

Individual Plans

$50 for 1 Session Package
$250 for 6 Session Package
$400 for 12 Session Package
Starting at $17+
Choose from Our Annual Plan Packages. 6-to12-Month Commitment to Save Money & Keep you on track for your Goals. All Sessions are 60-90 Minutes.

Annual Plans

$2,000 for 4 Sessions/ Week (6-Month Commitment)
$3,200 for 4 Sessions/ Week (12-Month Commitment)
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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got Questions? We've got Answers!

Though circumstances can change, our goal is to help you be consistent so you can reach your goals. That being said, our "Individual Plan Packages" have no monthly commitment, our "Monthly Plan Packages" require a 30-day notice before change & our "Annual Plan Packages" require a 6-to-12-month commitment. 

We believe that Personal Training should be personalized to fit your goals. With that being said, generally we provide daily workouts, nutrition feedback, correct positioning, goal accountability, Rehabilitation movements, and more!

We train out of Hardbody Fitness Gym, a small-business based out of Tulsa. For monthly and annual packages we include a Complimentary gym membership. Hardbody is open 24/7 so your membership will allow you access to continue training above & beyond your personal training sessions with Rico. 

Get in Shape AND Stay in Shape

Honey….. I literally drive 50 minutes 3 times weekly to train with Rico… I love that he holds me accountable and pushes me to be my best I’ve been working with him for a solid year this month… I recommend if you trying to get it tight, right with no jiggle give it a try… ♥️😂 -Nikki

Pushes me to be Better and Accountable

Down to earth, cares more about your goals than your obstacles, and trains til you get them! Highly recommend and respect!


Be Prepared to Sweat

Been going to him for almost 2 years now and have been the most toned/in shape in a while. He will take the time to get to know you as a person and adapt his training methods to that. From my experience he’s always open to hearing your goals and will make sure you get there! With that being said he’ll definitely push you, but you’ll know it’s because he knows that you’re capable of doing it. -Essence

He Cared enough to Help me with My Goals

I’ve had a great training experience so far. I’m being pushed to work out at my fullest potential. Maurico has been consistent and holds me accountable. On days I’ve had to miss, I was able to ask for direction on what to do while at the gym on my own. I’m already on the path to seeing results. I just signed up for another month! -Brooke